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Mercedes Benz is the benchmark of cars.  With the right care they can last for
decades.  So what can you do to keep yours in good shape without spending a

Servicing the engine and regular oil changes are very important.  These days
manufacturers set oil change reminders to intervals as long as 18,000 miles.
This might be too long if you're planning to keep you car for more than 100,000
miles.  A more appropriate mileage might be 10,000 miles - not just because the
oil gets dirty - but the tires, fluid levels, and general condition of the automobile
need to be checked.

A service that is not suggested by Mercedes is the transmission oil.  Automatic
transmissions were once changed every 30,000 miles but now most
manufacturers don't call for it at all unless there is a leak.  Mercedes calls
this lifetime auto trans fluid.  I would suggest that most should be changed
at around 100,000 miles - depending upon the owner's drive style, needs, and
habits  In our area, commuting in stop-and-go traffic will make the fluid quite
dirty by 100,000 miles.  This service can add tens of thousands of miles to the
life of the transmission.  Rebuilding the transmission can cost over $3000 so
regular servicing can prove to be a substantial savings.

The most common service item on Mercedes are the replacement of the brakes.
There is an indicator light on most models to remind you when the brakes are
getting close to needing replacement.  In my opinion the only parts that should
be used are original manufacturer's equipment (OEM) purchased directly from
Mercedes.  Even though some aftermarket parts are made by the same
manufacturers, they have a different hardness and lead to excess noise
and vibration that would not occur using an OEM part.  Having the OEM brake
rotors match the OEM brake pads can prevent overheating and noise.

Another common complaint is electrical problems.   With the complexity of the
modern car any component can cause a problem or a warning light to illuminate.
The skills and equipment needed to diagnose challenging problems like these
are constantly being updated and upgraded within our shop  We suggest
bringing the car in if you notice any change in the way it is running or call us
if a warning light comes on.  You can always stop by for a quick check or if you
have a question but it's good to call first so we can have a technician standing
by for you.

I think one of the most valuable services I can perform is advising you on what
make or model would work best for you and what service expectations for that
model would be.  We also specialize in checking out used vehicles.  Read our
suggestions in our Auto Tips section if you're buying a pre-owned vehicle.  This
also goes for tires.  Some brands work better than others and the ride of the
vehicle can be noticeably different.  We don't sell tires at our facility but
considering the importance of safe tires we'd be more than happy to provide
our input on what would work best for you and your Mercedes.

Give us a call or make an appointment today!

- Hans


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