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Infiniti is the performance option of the Nissan brand with the reliability of Nissan
but with better handling and looks.  Infiniti is one of the Japanese cars whose
handling closely matches that of quality German automobiles.  One of our favorite
models is the G35 coupe.  It is very similar to the 350Z Nissan but has a better ride
without the tire wear issues.   Infinitis hold their value better than most makes
due to their outstanding reliability and track record.  They keep on going and
going if you service them regularly.

What can you do to make your Infiniti last?  One obvious thing is change the
engine oil.  Oil service is the most basic service and we think it's important to
use a high quality oil - usually not a synthetic oil.  By using the higher quality
oil we change the oil in our vehicles less frequently than other shops or oil
changers.  It is also important to change the transmission oil more frequently
than specified by Infiniti.  We use a transmission fluid that exceeds Infiniti's
specifications.  In most modern automobiles, the transmission fails before the
engine.  The oil we use has kept transmissions running in excess of 200,000
miles.  This represents a substantial savings in repairs.

When changing the oil, an important part of the service is the vehicle
inspection.  Checking the general condition of the vehicle is sometimes
more important than the oil change itself.  During this inspection, it's not
uncommon to find defective tires that are unsafe or a light bulb burnt out
we will test drive the vehicle and check the lights, brakes, tire wear, fluid
levels, suspension, battery, then wash and vacuum your car before returning
it.  Infinitis are our specialty.  The services mentioned are just a few of the
maintenance schedules we suggest.

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- Hans


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