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Toyotas are the workhorses of the consumer automotive world. They keep on
going and going and going.  But what do you do when your Toyota stops,
sputters, or begins to get tired?

Common problems amongst Toyotas are gummed up idle control valves, worn
out sensors, and neglected service and maintenance items.  Aside from these
minor items, there are also other basic inspection points overlooked by most
shops.  One of the most common is the changing of the transmission oil.  Not
only do we change it at the appropriate service we use special transmission
fluid that excedes Toyota's specafications and can double the life of the
transmission.  On most modern cars the transmission doesn't last as long as
the engine and a rebuild can cost thousands.

If you allow us the privilege of servicing your Toyota, we promise to do our
best to keep it on the road for many more miles in the future.  We have
customers with 300,000 miles on their Toyotas with no major repairs.

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- Hans


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