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Volkswagen is an automotive icon.  We have worked on and owned many
Volkswagens over the years - as a matter of fact I still own one.  We would love
to have you contact us because we know what it takes to make yours last.
If you're looking to purchase one, we can provide insight on which models
are most reliable and suitable for your needs.  We suggest that you look at
our Auto Tips page before purchasing one.

Here are some suggestions to extend the life of your VW.  Use a turbo rated
regular oil in turbo engines instead of the turbo rated synthetic oil in
turbo engines.  We have had engines last more than 200,000 miles using
a turbo rated regular oil, like 15-40 in turbo cars.  VW of America changed over
to synthetic from regular oil in the year 2000 and a lot of cars started using
synthetic oil starting at 60k or 70k miles.  We've found that their "suggested"
synthetic oil was far too thin and burned up between oil service intervals, which
is why we suggest maintaining the turbo rated regular oil for its oil services.

The VW four cylinder is one of the only engines we suggest changing the timing
belt prior to the recommended 105,000 that VW suggests.  They have been known
to occasionally break and damage the engine, and unlike the old VWs, it is very
expensive to repair.  Our goal is to maintain your VW with preventative care in
order to avoid costly damages such as these.  We also recommend using
Chevron brand fuel.  We feel the additives make the car run better and more
likely to pass emission tests when they get older.

Please feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

- Hans


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